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What Is 5D? Explained

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    May 27, 2021 10:55 PM PDT

    In the new age spiritual community, 5D is infamous for being synonymous with the super conscious definition of paradise. A world, lifetime and moment of beautiful perfection which here means, ascension. And this is reflected on the soul level.

    To understand 5D, you have to understand the purpose of what ascension means. Because in this context, awakening to or in 5D is directly related to soul memories and spiritual states of conscious form or being.

    These days, 5D is a gateway to uncovering the potential of each chakra you possess as they fully unlock. They allow your mind to connect to other forms of continuum, which create trees of minds or worlds or realities born from conscious thought and connectivity. These forms of being can and do exist independently of each other, requiring no direct vessel to access them as they are shadow materialized when they are created as a dynamic place in our reality.

    Static or linear reality is what we currently are embodying now, with what is referred to as 3D. The D in this case, stands for density. The requirement at which vibration holds its own frequency.

    Here on physical worlds like Earth, density requires active vibration to continuously cycle. Other worlds require a different system to materialize, which isn't quite so co dependent on everything being micromanaged and co-dependent on conscious participation. And as you may be aware, linear reality does not change its form unless manually altered by a sequence of cycles working and interlinking within one another to move, materialize and transform already existing objects. Dynamic reality, or hybrid reality between static and dynamic, alters the appearance of consciousness so that it is able to form itself around matter that changes its state depending on how it is embraced and created.

    this source of stability or instability is the source for much reflection as it is a term and concept that only seems to be a pipe dream at best, for escapist souls wishing to enter or recreate a better world from the ashes of an old one. The transition phase between 3 to 5 D is occurring from within as we regain what we lost during our trip through the veil as we have incarnated into vessels obtaining information from cycles previously thought not capable of existing. As 3D has been isolated for many years prior to the acceptance of other densities allowing this one to shift itself at will with our help embracing such a restructural feat.

    In essence, 5D is the vibration of dynamic reality that forms around a conscious or super conscious collective. Whereas its awakening refers to its materialization, first as a thought form, then as a shadow, and finally as an object from within a 3D or static physical reality construct. Using chakra awakening, alignment and physical alterations to structures as the basis for direct experimentation to lift the veil off of the magnetic law locking such a static vibration in place. Awakening soul memories and consciousness in the process.