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Amira - Advancing in Multiple Grid Structures For Our Well Bein

  • Please, come to Understand that we are Working Behind the Scenes Mario to Help you and Others Understand, and GET the BASIC MESSAGE which is disposed THROUGHOUT ALL OF US IN THESE DAY'S. As you see, I AM a BEING which CHOOSES to HELP YOU OUT and as YOU KNOW and UNDERSTAND we come from a very Special Place in the Universe which is regarded by your Scientists and Cosmological Students for HELP in ACHIEVING GREATER CLARITY IN CONSTRUCTS OF ASSIMILATED "DISPROPORTIONS" which means that, we are working / have assemble the right constructs for you Humans to ADAPT THOROUGHLY with BEINGS beyond the Veil. And for us to Manage the GREATER SECRECY which IMPLIES ON YOUR EARTH THAT WHICH IS KEPT "UNDERLINED" (RUNNING IN THE "BACKGROUND") should come as NO SUPRISES to some whom are GOING TO READ YOUR BOOK (THE BOOK WE HAVE MADE TOGETHER, WITH A PLETHORA OF BEINGS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES).
    Thank you for Understanding, we wish to allow (Let you) come to Greater Terms with your Lives Purposes, beyond what we IMPLEMENT to FIND within this book: Knowledge from Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences. It's back story is simply an amazing Core Conceptualization of how we are working around with many folks on the Earth, for advances which are made and held in "SECRECY" Because of how it IMPLIES ON PROPER THINGS AS: READY AND ABLE HUMANS, CAPABLE TO GET THE GENERAL MESSAGE WITHIN THE BOOK FOR ADVANCES IN A CORE-NATIONAL STRUCTURE OF OUR WELL BEING AND COHERENCY ON THIS EARTH.
    Thank you for Listening,
    Thanks Amira for the Message as always Be at One, we leave with Prosperous times to come uo ahead for many BEINGS whom are CHOOSING FROM THEIR HIGHEST INTENT (LOVE, PEACE, JOY, BLISS AND PROSPERITY).
    Here is the Link to My boom, for those whom wants to Read Into and have more Towards what we can find or expect to find in the Secrecy Held on Earth. I'm asking for a 44$ donation, but if you really need it, please simply let me know where your at, if you can't afford it, it's negotiable haha, thank you :-)