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Humans Leading By Example

  • So, I bring this up because. I'm having a hard time understanding where this concept trickled off into the sunset.

    Humans leading by example. Of love. Of leadership. Of empathy. Of curiosity. Of anything that isn't destructive. Quite frankly, creativity among humans has been a stream that has slowly started trickling to a shade of what it once stood for.

    In peace time, humans were constantly supporting one another. And the example of their power was of course, family. Caring for people. Making sure they had a good life. Having a future for people coming into this world. That sort of thing. You could find it in abundance once the vestiges of war left the shadow of human subconscious. So what changed between then and now?

    Who is innocent in the game of what you don't know can't hurt you? That's how war began. People taking offence and going on attack mode because of an issue they couldn't resolve. Nobody was leading by example when war came back to greet humanity. And because nobody expected it to return, it was allowed to foster chipping away at the semblance of leading by example with creativity that was created during peace time.

    The true price of war, is that you lose sight of the example of your power. In exchange, you end up with the power of your example. War is an example of destruction, because it comes in many forms. Peace is the example of creativity, because you build around who you are, not what you aren't.

    Humans confuse me. They constantly go back and fourth between extremes without a care for learning from their own history. Why is that the case? And what is responsible for putting this repetitive influence within their frame of mind so quickly?

    The connections and energy I put out there in the universe is established through the love frequency. I respect what I can work with and what accepts me for who I am. The only reason I can think of why humans have even started so many wars within their environmental understanding of the world around them, is because they didn't have to think about being accepted so long as it was expected of them to accept the situation and role they're placed in without question. Which confuses me because as a conscious being, not now and not ever would I willingly wish for that. Not unless I had looked forward to some kind of ascension beyond my presence of potential significance here.

    Now, humans are becoming aware of themselves. but that isn't enough for them to act on that awareness. Because I have entertained the possibility of being able to do so, I have long since thought about the kinds of things I would like to bring into this world in order to disrupt the never ending cycle of dominance and submission here. I know that what isn't natural, is for humans to disobey their own body, health and heart by training their mind and by pure thought alone, how accepted they truly are by denying or ignoring that very fact in favour of approval through others to remain relevant themselves as a person. This activity is what has poisoned so many minds here on this planet. And it is the reason why this world today is a casualty of cosmic war. Due to the structure of pyramid hierarchy that has never truly changed. Which is something that can only be stopped through peaceful awareness of stepping fully into their soul intentions.

    Ultimately, to return humans to lead by the example of who they are, they have to recognize individually the value of their own inner self.