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Manifesting Material Change

  • In the business world, facts are law. And law is something everyone in the room understands as a base language. The more this is accepted, the worse it tends to get, generally speaking. What we're transitioning the physical world into, is a direct path to replace the power of the law with the empowerment of each other. This isn't to take the law into our own hands, but to give us the sovereignty and independence self co-creation brings as a foundation to build upon once we awaken to our spirit. It's time to wake up as we begin healing from within on a corporate scale.

    Now I know what you're thinking. But this isn't a political post, or a type of post where I'm complaining so much about Earth businessmen trying to place money over people. At the request of a simple thought, I've noticed a trend happening to this world. It needs looking in to. Here's why.

    Change is happening on Earth whether we like it, or not. We can focus or ignore it all we like. As this so often happens to the best of us, one incling of insecurity can cause massive disruptions to order and organization. Be it a technical problem that cannot go unnoticed, a budget issue, or a partnership of mistrust, many Earth corporations tend to lose sight of their goals after experiencing a transition of hardship and misleading ideals. Forcing people to turn to the bank, politics or resolving unwanted public attention, including companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others known for interfacing with people on a public service level. From churches, to scientific research programs, it's all happened in due time. We've lost sight and actual progress of what we inevitably desire to do. Some of us take responsibility for our actions. While others, prefer the blame game. While it is true nothing lasts for ever, we aren't stranded due to a power play of remote support being available or not for all the things we invest for when it comes to our interests. With regards to the connection between corporate change, and personal change, there's one source of stability that branches off into several key areas which can help provide better transparency if we give it a chance to do its work, and provide some good for everyone to enjoy. Inner healing.

    We all can rely on each other for what we're good at. Experts with functional design. Investors with financial support. Jobs with rewards, time well spent and a passion well received. The corporate world is about business, interest and at times, competition. The core infrastructure of what makes a business successful, is its key power source to provide inner or internal resolve to outer or external situations if and when they come up. with an intense dedication to team work, corporations need the inner healing that comes from people, who can project such healing to others who they work with in order to get things done. It isn't always the boss who can shout out an order and have it be finalized. When the boss listens to team work, inner teams interface with outer teams to make the cloud function at its best. Which, is the exact point where one may find a corporation's strong point. Its weakest link, being misunderstood non team players, who are unable to proceed with plans partially completed, or abandoned by only the members of their team alone.

    As consumers of corporate businesses, we're not bound by obligation to their services, or by choice. We're bound by team work. We may be external in our own individuality, but as consumers who subscribe to other teams who manage and maintain a service or production line of any kind, we all in turn require a simultaneous consecutive infrastructure over hall. At times, and when this occurs, the best way to make this most successful, is when all teams have a table to work ideas out on. Communication is only the first step to ensure this table has a strong, level and balanced foundation to ground itself to. Which in turn, relies on everyone being able to communicate by action alone. A foundation through the reality of inner healing for the end result and outcome of outer success.

    The corporate world to date, is mostly blind to this fact. They see technology and their dedication to microscopic focuses within as only part of its full capabilities as their strongest place of operation. when in fact, in every business, people are the sole dedication to helping technology along. Losing site of this, is the reason why the world we know today, has been plagued with so much civil and preventable unrest. The source of inner healing most corporations require, is a direct interface with all the members who share responsibility for other teams collectively to use as a resource. Anyone who makes up a team, does not subscribe to any sort of chain of command, but rather, a group where each in turn are co-captains of their own creation we all share. To heal the corporate world from within, we must share a team responsibility, not an individual boss to rely on for both internal and external support as needed. This will help any company to flourish when we take the reality of our dream passion has fueled from start to finish, and put our resources where our feet are standing. You will recognize team players by their understanding of life outside work, and their focus at work to include others in establishing a connection to involve other teams in our creation. Once such has been implemented on the infrastructure level, Then we will see a world physically changed and ready for ascension.