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The Silent Fight Against Feeling Alone

  • when in the dark, or through the light, we see the reflection of a shadow. What does it truly represent? but a way forward, a path created from colour itself. This is how we fight silence. Not to overcome it with noise, but to shine our own light amidst many others to stand in our own power.

    Recognizing and overcoming censorship for starseeds and lightworkers in 2020.

    As a lightworker, we have faced challenges in interfacing with the world we know best. Instant creation. Normally when we think of an idea, we don't consider it possible to have it be anything else other than a reflection of our lucidity and energy signature guarding over it. However focus can be key to recover from incidents which actually can, and have brought this effect to reality. This is something we have faced in the physical plane before, and will likely continue to do so as we refine our strategies together in an effort to overcome the challenges we face today in making Earth a better world and a galactic if not universal haven.

    There are 10 reasons why the missions we choose to work on may fail.

    1. Through focus. While it is true that the spiritual realm may be more fluid in density than this plane, solidifying a decision is destined to cause problems. One way this has been known to be most effective, is by silencing people who show objective progress in diminishing limitations, barriers and borders between illusions, distractions and unnecessary sanctioned events that have resulted in tyrannical rule.

    2. Through fear. The purpose of any limitation is not to stop someone, but to all out ignore. the most well known tool of ignorance is fear, as it naturally keeps people believing in the aforementioned distractions resulting in the control of an idea that is as deadly as it is preventable.

    3. Through independence. If you're someone who is dependent on someone else, you last only so long as your reliance shall last. When that's location, region, or connectivity, any disruption to a planned event can cause drastic consequences to the way in which progress can solidify and manifest as it is supposed to appear.

    4. Through communication. Besides language barriers, solidifying words to try to convert them into vision is very difficult for people who are even on the same wavelength if just one word is not projected in its entirety.

    5. Through need. The physical body comes before the spiritual in this plane. No food, no focus. Likewise, no health, and no breath, no presence here. This does also include mental competency because any focus reliant on a physical connection which cannot be processed by the conscious mind, is considered a dead link.

    6. Through vision. the separation of focus and vision can actually drive someone mad, as they feel as though they are running around in circles trying to go somewhere. When this need isn't taken care of, the result is insanity.

    7. through forgetfulness. The mind is a tool used to project things, as well as observe. When the projection can't be understood, people observe this and take action to inhibit the functioning of a mind that does not project clearly in its entirety.

    8. Through reason. Believe it or not, reason is an excuse for war. Some fights are worth defending, so long as it's ones that lead to passion, instead of bloodshed for a cause that is not ready to be expressed unconditionally.

    9. Through ignorance. when people believe something, they tend to close their mind to all other possibilities. In the physical plane, this closed mindedness becomes the start of a long journey leading to the purest form of apethy and a reliance on robotic parameters using a scope of isolation from the ability to observe ones environment.

    10. Through misalignment. Misunderstandings are bad enough when they occur. However if you project an illusion of understanding, but really aren't understanding things fully, certain conditional elements such as observing and projecting the wrong thing at the right time, or before an event has occurred that requires such to be present, you will face complications in the conception of what you are trying to convey. This causes further problems in translation and transit from one person to the other. subsequently pointing to the possibility of fault being a further distraction which was not ever intended to exist in the first place, but has now caused incomprehension among others who tried their best to stay informed about their role within the mission itself, never mind one another.

    As a result, we can see how unintentional conflict and prolonged conditional acceptance of an existing conflict may lead to the inability to understand clearly. that's okay, as we are aware that to be alone, is to not be heard. This is why it's so important to visualize your objective before performing an operation which could place you or the project you are working on in any type of danger. Censorship doesn't help matters, it mutes the ones which are most important to the success of any mission.

    Solid physical censorship can prevent you from organizing an event to manifest psychic energy to transmute that into a plan which someone with the knowledge to execute it physically in order to make this reality a better place for others could be able to establish without interference. There are three types of censorship lightworkers face along with starseeds which are the most deadly of all. Along with the 10 presently known reasons how they could fail with such reasons as the cause.

    1. Intervention. This is the most deadly of all, as people wouldn't know they were manipulated until after the fact has happened.

    2. Setbacks. General interference can often be described as a misinterpretation or miscalculation if not misaligned ideal which has brought setbacks more close to home than someone may care to admit. Meaning a delay in the projection of the progress of the current mission is likely to occur if it isn't happening already. Preventing the manifestation of reality.

    3. Suspected interference. You may argue the point this is more dangerous than setbacks, because of its dynamic nature. However the impossible is possible, so if people are careful enough to be informed about how something could become impossible, the reverse is true to take care of any suspected problems in which information may not have been available to have prevented through action in the first place. By tracing the projection, the source is always revealed to anyone who can read the energy and interpret the reverse visual input from the physical to the other dimensions for further analysis. The most difficult part of completing any mission, is not how it will work. But actually executing it.

    Becoming aware of the fallouts for each failed attempt at bringing a focus or enlightenment to others in need can definitely have a lasting impact on your ability to try again if you let it. the approach in the physical plane must change, if the action is to succeed. It is through architecture and building foundations through translation of imagery from the spiritual world to the physical which makes any plan and foreseen potential come into being. Not only does someone have to guide the process manually, but the process itself has to be reciprocal allowing real time adjustments to be made without effecting existing operations.

    Sometimes, certain people face blocks with their projection and observational ability to be able to change something, even as simple as a preferred outcome of events. Such blocks exist outside the realm of censorship, as they rest in the persons inability to objectively broadcast their thoughts to the universe, as they have not been seen to have led anywhere. In fact, vision relies upon an ever present focus not just of clarity, but of need in order to adapt to change. Some people need a current conflict to focus on as a motivation if not alternative they know they don't want to have happen, enough to project that as a deterrent in order to see clearly what they do want if they are confused or are facing a block in the connectivity of their idea. Facing the unknown head first is the best way to review moments in real time that need your attention if you can at all help matters by understanding their physical properties, how they came into being and how reality aligns currently with the vision you seek.

    This is an example of how a war is well fought, but not well encouraged due to there being a need for the purpose of the war to resolve itself when the conflict ends. For this reason alone, lightworkers who plan to change the world, or a way in which a plan can be forged from idea to success, must rely on 3 key core values present at all times to avoid censorship in their projects.

    1. Never give up hope. A block not made by you, is one you aren't responsible for. Period. Try another way.

    2. Make certain what you want is what you're working to achieve and accept as completed. Otherwise, what you think is happening, may slip away from you if you aren't guiding things every step of the way into position. When you are a guide, focus on what isn't done already, in order to avoid that which has successfully been implemented.

    3. Acknowledge your progress so far. While it is true builders know best, be sure the ones you take on board yourself who are experts in their respective fields are ones you can trust to see your vision through to the finish line. They may otherwise decide to make something which doesn't work with what you had envisioned, meaning if you aren't the one who can project a change to an existing structure, you could potentially face long term censorship because you are only in control of the observable outcome which has resulted after the structure has been put into place and set in motion.

    Never let yourself down. In case you can't actively pursue the reality you desire, you can always choose the next best thing already in existence. Sometimes that's nothing at all, and other times, it's a step down from something you would prefer. Keep in mind you are on borrowed time if you do so, and as such, the debt you have collected as a result of this credited acceptance is only realized if your time runs out before you are able to create something out of the vision you have invested energy into transmuting from the astral to the physical, or etheric and celestial to reality.

    Remember, your job as a lightworker is not to convince others of how you feel about the world, but to enlighten people by your projection and activism in it. If that's just to observe and let others see you as a beacon of hope and support, then that's just as important as the field work others perform if not more so because it means we are all in this together. If you face problems with clarity, guidance, or focus, visualize yourself as an observer of the things you'd love to participate in and go from there. Never stop sharing aspects of yourself which have their own time and place to exist. For here is where we can perfect the reality we sought to envision created from spirit in our own way.