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Healing From The Dark Night Of The Soul

  • The dark night of the soul occurs when the cycle of spiritual energy renews itself. I call it the long road to spiritual clarity. It means, to find inspiration again after ones hopes have led to a dead end. I wrote this blog that addressed the last time I went through such an experience.

    There's a lot to be said for the time of transition, especially when you're an empath. I am trying to address this stagnant world of change and unsettled linkage between inner and outer worlds. I feel like I'm being pulled in many different directions at once. Spirit is showing me one thing. I'm experiencing another. And we're all caught up in a reality we partially take responsibility for. Definitely a grey area to say the least.

    If any of the following sounds familiar to you, you aren't alone. I'm tired of feeling like I can just escape to my inner world without feeling like I'm leaving people behind in the physical. I don't want to be rejected for having an experience that is multidimensional, and yet that's exactly what seems to be happening.

    People who are one dimensional are trying to transition into bitterness, rather than waking up to themselves on the inner level. They fall back to what they know, and seem to get punished for it when people who are already bitter pull them further away from understanding their own road to spiritual clarity. It's as if people are fighting the reason to be innocent of a reality they wish no part to play in, yet are here anyways trying to make it change at all. Thinking, they're going to be the exclusive future when ever something unknown pops up.

    They don't realize, the shift between inner and outer worlds is so drastic, that what takes milliseconds to complete a journey inwardly, takes years to do so outwardly. And that's with everyone pitching in at once to make it happen outwardly. So what gives? When expectations become instantaneous if not premeditated upon their inspection?

    In a world where things feel and seem uncertain, I've been uncovering a darker relationship between certain main stream channelers who think it's their duty to dictate how people are going to act without addressing the issue of free will at all. Person after person I have noticed, is trying to make it unclear who should claim responsibility for what actions, as everyone's being shown something different. My question is, why did this happen? I know what I don't want to have come about, and that's cosmic isolation.

    So I have to ask the question, are we really safe if we know the truth about the world we are forced to live in? Not as safe as any lie believed by a fraud who uses people to achieve their version of the reality they'd sooner have us all play in if it were the least bit real.

    I have repeatedly been in contact with other Neo Christian believers in the apocalypse (end times) as their forecast for Earth and all timelines predicts to save humanity from the evil reptilians who rule the universe. Over the course of the 10 years I have been in the spiritual networking scene. It disturbs me that every single main stream channeller is no exception to the rule of this cult like conversion of events.

    I was originally a founding member of the light worker circle in 2011 and 2012 where we prayed daily in meditation that the prediction would not come true that the Earth would face some calamity at the end of that year. And it didn't. Much to the contrary, it bore life to something darker. Colder, harsher and unfeeling.

    It gave way to attitudes of extreme arrogance, greed, pompous selfishness and lack of care on a corporate domineering level. Guess who pioneers this into being the most on Earth? The people who appear to be so vocal against such kinds of acts they wish for in secret. Something a lot of people now admit that is something they still want today. Believers of this type of ending are not alone and it is all thanks to the bitterness expressed as a recurring theme for people reaching the end of their inspiration to breathe life into Gaia.

    To be fair to people of this view, they're only doing what is known will generate in their mind, the conclusive analogy behind which their angled misguided beliefs run steadfast to make sense of the world around them they partially (as to we all) take refuge. As far as I can tell, every person who is convinced that opinion is not the basis for fact, or is fact only on the basis of an opinion is missing 3 key areas of self understanding when they make it well known about what their thoughts appear to be. As appearances are deceptive, I took a look at the bigger picture surrounding events on Earth, and came back with a few messages from spirit regarding timeline shifts which I'm about to share in just a moment.

    The underlining theme to date, is that a group, faction and undercurrent of people have been told things that just don't align properly the way they should. You can't, for example, be in two places at once and expect to win every fight simultaneously. That's one thing I've learned by understanding material shifts take place especially over the past 7 years. Everything that happens in the other dimensions, doesn't necessarily bleed into the physical and vice versa. As experienced when trying to recover my own ship and transfer it to this realm. It just doesn't work that way, you need to be able to sense more, feel more and be aware of much more just to make the jump even possible.

    In this dimension, the physical plain, everything and anything to do with it revolves around actual transition. As stated in the physical laws that tie things together, there's no such thing as quantum possibility unless the object you're searching for is straight in front of you here and now. The biggest lie ever told is that this now is not a stable place, or that it can be anywhere.

    While the truth is that the projection of now most certainly could be everywhere, in order to transform actual places across realities, you'd have to break the walls of each reality to merge yours into them to make such a possibility predominantly active. Then separate from the merged reality once you got what you wanted and bring your chosen object back.

    Now is this process starting to sound a little more complicated? It gets still furthermore challenging. Because what then must have to happen, is that whatever you brought into this reality, assuming you got that far, will have to work with the compatibility of the creation your object physically is able to uphold. Meaning, the purpose of the object once it has been brought into being from its previous position, has to work the same as it did there while it is here.

    I think you'll agree, this isn't something astral adventures of fighting space aliens tends to do. You feel the action, it's real to what touches your aura somewhere else, and that's all. This is the real secret as to how channellers get the audience they do, because what's best faked, is that messages you couldn't prove the physical source from other than the person who says it comes from their version of somewhere else. Which means that the message itself likely is a constructed reality around their interpretation of what is real to them based on the angle they are viewing events from.

    So when these pseudo-quantum truths come to light, that's only because they do not tie into the reality they are projecting into. Because they target anything else but this one, all the while trying to funnel influence to change this reality into what they project. Such a process can work for ideas if enough of them have anchors here. But to do that effectively, you're going to need aid, assistance and complete a lot of complex tasks beforehand in a series of multidimensional manoeuvres to which at their core, is a force pulling something as is through such a void before hopefully, cleaning up afterwords making a reality out of an already existing item somewhere else.

    This doesn't quite fit the definition of opinion to which specifies that you can simply manifest the reality you want. Just ask someone how hard it is to be scene for who you are, and not someone's interpretation of that, let alone how you feel and convey it all in a series of messages to one another. Which is why at the heart of all real inventions here, is someone who knows enough of the transitional physical laws to market their ideas after they've been realized by enough people to make them usable by anyone else living in this reality.

    The possibilities never can truly be endless, boundless, formless or without gravity to tie them together. One thing that I find is becoming increasingly vague, is the point of connection between one object to another. This is a trend, and people don't realize how wide it becomes until it effects the psychological processes that were previously working as if nothing had happened to them before everything changed all at once to mirror the intended last result.

    One having severe political merit in 2020, following the news that an invisible virus, has the power to wipe us all out and we must protect ourselves by wearing masks. A piece of material Corona could slip through anyways. So keep a 6 foot distance from person to person (whom we don't know or trust) because the germs on our hands somehow won't have the same effect as this air born virus could (not to mention touched surfaces) but yet gloves aren't mandatory.

    You see the illogical statements projected at humanity if a true crisis were to ever pop up? I certainly know that all of these frustrations can be tied down to a reality, not of control as others would believe, but of thinking outside the moment. If we thought in the moment, we'd not be feeling the past, we'd be feeling our future not trying to run away from it and close up shop as if it ends here and now. It doesn't.

    This is why we have to take accountability for our actions and responsibility for our decisions before they happen. The more people you talk to, the more you're truth has to be on par with the situation at hand you are actually addressing. Appearing to do so only breeds trust in that you will actually be defective by trying if it doesn't happen.

    Our hope that someone will do so has been horrendously grossly misplaced the second trust fell into lies. So now they've vanished, and hasn't been rebuilt to gain what we thought we lost back, only to realize it isn't applicable to our changed reality anymore. Because we play apart in knowing what our lives can become but not understanding how to achieve it when our thoughts give way to anger and hatred among ourselves.

    Someone please wake me up from the fact that the walls are caving in from the bigger picture being lost to a smaller area in which to work with to make a difference and be heard, felt, understood before our isolation is upon us all.

    Never mind, I will do that myself. It starts with remembering who we are. Knowing what we'll not stand for. Feeling, being aware of ourselves in the actions we take through spirit to reach the bodies which house other spirits that want the same thing, and knowing that their past is not our future. Feeling is a universal language and if we hone in on it to communicate when no other words need to be said, we will thrive like never before.

    So why then, does it take a world pandemic just to get people to wake up? Because if we act on it now, we'll never escape the destruction caused by our own making as incarnate members of the human race, be we spiritually orientated or materialistically motivated. Either way, we have to change the world somehow.

    It starts by remembering a little piece of history known as the noble and most ancient law of contact, specifically the right to approach another being or group of beings different from yourself with honour and respect. Called fourth by our cosmic brethren of whom, enlightened me to this important fact.

    I've learned a lot about what people really mean when you've seen them change most abruptly, as derived from personal experience. You could say, this has led me to come up with a system to deal with change effectively.

    You'd be right in thinking that my ability to do so has left me with a few questions I'd prefer to explain rather than ask and answer full stop. A number of relative issues led me to conclude that we are undoubtedly being faced with a multidimensional reality and that it is awakening much more than senses in people who are not prepared to accept that spiritual awakening is embodied in incarnate beings now here on Earth.

    Some people are going to take time to be ready when such a change effects lives totally reliant on material and one dimensional world views of how to survive. Such simplicity is being challenged on every side, and unfortunately, it will not be a playground that survives the upcoming war should it fully materialize.

    In response, the way I deal with things like this, is that usually - I'll take reality shifts as they come one step at a time.

    To prepare for multidimensional change, the way I have accepted my life as it is unfolding so far, I go with the flow objectively. Based on experience, I prepare for what I didn't see coming if something came up that was unexpected to the best of my ability.

    I've related this reaction to living in the moment, and it helps a lot to release and recharge my energies so that I can live in the now, not the moments of yesterday and future days. Because the now can create, and has created both of them in their time. But in our time, the past is knowledge, the future is feeling and the present is action and events surround it be they attributed to reaction or quantum coexistence.

    The reason why this change is occurring, is because we are going through a shift internally. Think of it like space expanding from within us, rather than in front of us so we may hold more closer to the heart we possess. Not everyone will be able to cope, and so as this most recent experience proves, the decision will be made clear through the following understanding.

    By nature, duality is the system we are leaving, rather than entering due to the fact that it was born from the expansion of one dimensional reality in the first place, which is to see outside of yourself. This movement has given way to people being forced to let go of their one side versus the other argument in order to see both sides of an object as a whole. The expansion of one to multidimensional reality will take some time for people to adjust to. The most prominent way this manifests is through knowing the object you desire and understanding every view it contains.

    I'm not sure order or chaos is any better when people don't see eye to eye honestly, because in the case of emotions, they only tell the raw form of a story, whereas the thoughts they lead to only form the shell around them through our memories. To give an example through relationships, both love and fear are from the same coin which believe it or not, is better than its alternative. Care, versus lack.

    That's what this has come down to and through it all that comes to pass, it's what you care for that makes up for the lack of things in your life you wish you had. There are times, where I wish that lack of list of needs in the moment was greatly reduced and I think we all can attest to the fact that things are very different between the spiritual and the physical manifestation of reality when it first comes through to us.

    In addition to the energetic work surrounding avoiding the end of the world in 2012, I also used to participate in some of the lightworker rituals to purify and renew living auric fields back in 2011 and 2012. this was done to be rid of dead end energetic cords, like cleaning up dead flowers to make a plant healthy again. All across the planet I used to raise meditations online at the time to connect people together from all across the different energy grids surrounding Earth. We spread awareness, in an effort for life to feel love, peace, and healing to release the dark lifeless energies entrapping people in decisions they may have made but wanted out from underneath of. the idea was to transform growth from poison to parent, leach to leaf, prison to freedom while restoring the innocence of the soul incarnate.

    Boy let me tell you those times I couldn't count how many people found peace, solace, understanding in those days. That was back when people were waking up, they focused on care for spiritual awakening rather than lack of material wealth, now days that's no longer the case, because the dark has revived its strength.

    This is not going to stop me from continuing to participate however, because in 2020, the theme didn't hold back then. It only started to unveil. Humanity has allowed others to take away their own personal power in exchange for what they think will give them that sense of peace, and that's been quite a hurtful pill to swallow. Watching people you still care for fight you and all for their own little world where nothing has changed, just that you're not apart of it.

    But it's not just recurring in the astral world, it's dumped into the physical and in fact it's this dump of the mundane that's bled into the spiritual world tainting the communities that once where able to momentarily achieve very deep states of self awareness.

    You can say I'm very introspective, and you'd of course be 100% correct on that fact. It's been my life line to attach knowledge, feeling and events together and make a tapestry of a better world come to pass in my mind. Eventually I wish to branch this out further afield to the world around me as well as the deeper state of being from within myself that I have made. The only set back, seems to be simply what I've actually undermined the most. That being just how ruthless of a fight this is to battle when trying to convince others of a close minded nature of the importance of who you truly are in amidst the reality we so desperately need to make consciously change for the better here.

    To give you an idea using several examples of how humanity has forgotten how to care for itself and for others around them. They've replaced care for, with care because, if anything and that reasoning has ripped apart families, including my own from knowing themselves in the wake of things they deem more important. As seen when sticking up for egocentric people who support lack of care rather than care for someone even more possessive than their own self to breed such values into. Such circles become narrower and more limited until they effectively reach isolation, and that's not the direction humans need to travel as this is a reflection of the success the storm of transition has imprinted upon our lives so far. One progress, the other side of the same coin, has not been fully utilized yet by everyone clearly in need of it.

    Seeing this change and reversed polarity happen to your own family, while watching the steaks for sacrifice become ever higher makes me have a hard time believing this world is fit for me. Purely because the need for change has evolved into a multidimensional fight against what was born using our own methods to spread light, from there transitioning into the tighter hold the dark has over the entire process itself. They've learned from us using our methods, and it is clear to me they have been actively trying to mark their territory.

    Care won't stop the weapons programs and constant war this planet engages in be it civilly or nationally controlled. Care won't stop wild animals from being trapped and hunted and killed for sport. Nor will it change peoples permanent asphyxiation with the rejection and destruction of energy trying to reach its target to heal or to let it grow. For that would give too much independent freedom and decentralized access to the power of spiritual collective self unity.

    That's all built from fear, not created to protect, but to instead end protection for anything that cares at all. In a world where it's every man for himself, nobody is going to be there to hold your hand. They won't need to, because they have nobody there for them. And those who are, claim it's better to be happy with what you are afforded, than risk it all and have nothing. Here's their justification for the despicable actions they take, all in the name of dead inspiration.

    So tell me. How does this ever increasing trend fill me with joy and love and hope? When you know that people are silently suffering inside and have no release for it. Which, in turn, creates more internal self righteous justifications like why should I care if people choose to follow me, for if they do I can control their lives because this is who they support. And so further corrupts things due to lack of care, to tie any events with the now or even care to look at what else is around them.

    It's a tactic used by the dark to make sense of their lives, because so much of them is not filled with care. I've seen many people claim they are dark, but they still hold a shred of care left inside them hoping it is mirrored by whatever target they stare at long enough to reciprocate it back to them.

    I've seen people claim they're for the light and show little sign of it when it's staring them in the face hoping to be answered, acknowledged, believed in.

    I've also seen people who support the grey, and their justification is that nobody can truly be right or wrong so why bother looking to see which has a basis in reality as it constantly shifts anyways. Which is another way of saying, such a shift is neither caring nor has a lack of responsibility to care for because nobody will take accountability for any of it to build a sense of stability from.

    And then there's a fourth option, be in service to others or service to self which in the new age community means another form of grey with its roots firmly planted in the dark or the light depending on what your purpose amounts to when leaving the body as that serves as a grey placeholder for your real intentions.

    So you see, when spirits are trapped without the ability to be moved, recognized or connect to their familiars, this creates a problem for the spiritually awakened to have to sort out. Such inner turmoil is what people go through every day here, it is not the planned education centre of knowledge people outside of Earth think it is.

    Then we're trapped here by our actions we don't remember taking but in the moment we thought they had to be done. So even our own perceived amnesia works against us. And still the pressure increases.

    This is why I think the Orion war never ended. It's just one big one stemming from Mintaka when some idiot decided to open a time portal to a black hole and fill a cargo ship with it and send it back home.

    I think that a lot of the original imperial command like the oldest of draconians, Sirians are still in hiding because of it. I think that Earth has turned into a one stop shop for anyone to claim that this is a holiday destination, and just like the song Hotel California, you can come but you can never leave so enjoy your stay for here's what you have to contend with while you do.

    This brings me to the Pleiadians. Ex-orion controlled historians of the universe who fill people up with ancient knowledge coming from young souls that tend to reach places like Andromeda, Arcturus and Lyra from their Vegan and Pvillan outpost.

    But what really interests me, is that Orions keep sending their Zeta counterparts here for experimentation. And as far as I can tell, its this experimentation to see who can withstand lack of emotion, that greatest of spiritual enemies that calls to them because of what they went through that started this whole mess in the first place. With exceptions of course, some starseeds just keep thinking all is well back home - but I'd really love to take a survey to see if that's actually true. Somehow I doubt it.

    Not all individuals belonging to the attachments of a particular star origin conform to the perception I've outlined. It's just that the ones who have been well known, have been seemingly affiliated with such origins when they made their move towards this endeavour. All in support of a point of view, not fully communicated clearly or understood well enough as such.

    I think the universe is pouring souls into this place because it's a stronghold for Orion control. And you know what scares me about that? Many people who I talk to, say their earliest memory is of them being pulled by beings in the astral - like rubber suited 6 foot tall aliens dragging them to a body when they didn't wish to be in one. And then being forced into a body foregoing the reincarnation amnesia veil altogether because they wanted to escape here and someone wouldn't let them.

    So however they're doing it, forcing souls to have a gravitational entrapment to stay here when some clearly want to move on, just proves my point all the more. Out of all the star races I can think of, the Orions have by far the most to lose by letting people go. Meanwhile the Pleiadians think this is a living library, it becomes far more active a control centre for Orions and they both think they get what they want while we're stuck picking up the pieces these aristocratic bastards leave behind.

    This was the outline plan for the post war life if the Orions got their way, to do with what they pleased with this place. I remember trying to stop them early on, defending the Sirians, the original Draconians before my mind goes blank for a time. I get the distinct impression that Orion gained traction, and that the independent races of the universe lost the war with them. They helped pioneer this place as a potential place of learning, more like recruitment if you ask me.

    I have a lot of past emotional feelings of rejection I could blame on these guys because of what they're continuing to do. Just look at people whose already had enough here stuck with dementia, forgetting who they are and scared of everything since all the time they've spent suppressing their emotions behind the bottle, now come to the surface at once in their final days as their spirit has to uncover them to leave.

    I know that's apart of the process of death and rebirth, and I also know that by choosing to forget them, they'll not forget you and will come to light somehow. That's why it's taken so long to put an end to this game of chess which in my opinion took a turn for the worse back when the first Sumerian Pyramids were around. Not in terms of civilization, but in terms of what was being set up.

    I think that's why they're still in existence today, and I also think that they used to serve as part of an ancient machine that still somehow calls to other dimensions off world and brings people from there to Earth. Then makes their naked form forget about it once they've started incarnating. Why else would places known to harbour crashed UFO craft be so secretive, and why the biggest kept secret is that we are alone in the universe and this is our only option to experience life.

    I don't think the general populous would like what they found if they saw inside these crafts, as routine trip as they may seem, they're hiding something. And whatever that location is, at a guess, a wild one at that, it would uncover a lot of the deception techniques used on us today. Including ones the ancient churches of the world may still keep secret, most likely found in older books, tomes and scrolls.

    The most basic of these, being that people when they worship god, actually worship the solar system and those able to feel the intention feeds the gravitational pull like an allure to come here and try to fix things - particularly felt by those with mage sight or astral vision.

    I just don't know what to think, because I haven't been seeing clarity through anything but memory and guidance that just doesn't feel secure. What can I say? Things need a face lift? At this point, this is why I take days one moment at a time. I'm guilty of sleeping more than I should to pass it hoping for a change, knowing that someone somewhere will invite some semblance of understanding in whatever reality shift we find ourselves in when we wake up.

    Mostly it stays the same, but with personal experience making things a little bit more angled to work through, I can only say that what's real on the surface is us trying to feel like we belong in order to reconnect with each other while we're here.

    Yes, all of the answers have not presented themselves to me clearly. In the darker part of my mind, it's been something I've overcome, but am not oblivious to anymore. I have no idea if I should let events continue to play out, or try to interfere or know what to look for. Because my focus is divided between things I know I want, and know what others want. Sometimes it's even divided between what I know I want, and what other people don't want but say they do. One thing is clear to me, nobody seems to have enough patience to try to relax enough to focus in on who they are to feel why they want what they think they do. I can't pretend I'm asleep, but only rely on stability to know I know that I'm awake. Kind of like how friends rely on each other when they know inside what the other truly wants, without having to rehash the unknown.

    We can't know what humanity wants, because we never asked. Nobody ever cared enough to go through the same process and really be heard, listened to. That's why I found the next best thing. I will not make the decision, I will become a decision. I won't be just the decision itself, but at least I'm going to be apart of a collective who wants there to be one already in existence. A force that solves things, makes changes for the better and ends confusion, chaos and circular mistakes. So when guidance isn't the answer, directing our energy, efforts and repositioning our values is literally the truth, the focus and the solution.

    What this represents, is not just a crossroads, but a mass awakening. One I will clarify in detail as my focus has stirred up some feelings of curiosity concerning whether or not if we're going about connections with ambassadors to the visitors of Earth the wrong way. There's only so much you can do as an admirer of someone's research if not work to help support us, without supporting every move they make. Realistically speaking, that could never happen as so much of our diversity relies on us taking different paths, uniting in the middle for a greater purpose.

    For many years, the critics of channelled information have always speculated on what such channellers may have said that was misinformed, wrong or all out a marketing ploy which in the end amounted to money being spent without the intended result immediately coming into being. I won't lie that I've listened to those voices in earnest because it helped me meet people who at the time, said a little more of the truth than their counterparts before suffering the same incomplete fate.

    The problem, is that many of these people still sell accurate information, just not all of it is true or lines up properly. they still get a huge audience relatively speaking to someone new entering the field, until something they do goes famous or viral through counteracting the words of others.

    The nature of such an unintended competition leaves me thinking that despite the fact we may not share the same agenda, we share the same motive. We all want to do the same job, but fight like monkeys on who gets to be the one to say the full story. Because it gets broken up by right of objective analysis. So some people will inevitably know more information than others depending on how much thought, research, time and experience was placed into the field of expertise.

    For channellers, that's pretty straight forward. Getting messages or notions of things to come and writing them down as best they could. And for people partially aware of other fields in addition to being a channeller, or who have set those focuses into the background. It gives a wider scope of the things they see being mirrored into the narrative they understand.

    With so much information being brought forward through decades of people doing the same thing, being a seer here and now, I strive to uncover the truth behind the messages of the most broad scope of channellers known to still do this today. What do they mean, really? How do they correspond with events now, as seen through the eyes of a partial experience as they've been shown through the reliving of another whose seen it all their life.

    How well has such things been made known, the light of which has been forgotten amidst so many other people seeing a slightly altered angle of the same ideals brought into focus together. In the end, where's our new beginning taking root amidst the ever growing cry of support for such a new and yet ancient reality being revealed from the inside.

    I want to take you through what it means to be a channeller of any type of being first, before letting you draw your own conclusions and likewise share my own experience about how this information even came to light in the first place. It's only after we know what everyone experienced and felt, can we remember what we've understood about the things we see and know as well if we put our heart, mind and soul in the same space that's open minded for objectively learning ourselves in an oddly familiar way.

    The basics are as follows: no channeller has even physically been taken aboard a materialized space craft. Not even the ones who have been abducted and have survived to tell their story. I know that this is not widely talked about, but every story has the exact same beginning to it even if the end is slanted towards misguided information.

    Every channellers career starts out relatively similar. They start writing things down and paying attention to the world around them in their time. He or she will be given so much information, either through dreams or meditation, that they come out of the experience feeling empowered by what aspect of another dimension has connected with them while they were in their body, and briefly left it to meet with such individuals. At this point, I don't care what star system or dimension they claim to be from, just that they've made an appearance at all. And this has been going on since the 1940s regarding stories of extraterrestrial nature. So much so, that hidden channellers not even aware of their gift, have landed themselves as writers of movie sets and television series amidst other forms of song writing and poetry in later years.

    What's behind the messages? Well that's easy to explain, once you've been contacted. It's hard to describe, because the narrative is literally outside your own normal way of phrasing things, so usually this question is skipped during interviews of people like Barbara Marciniak and Alex Collier who are icons of this field.

    Every channeler no matter who they are, has a connection to an audience of some kind. Because what they're being shown, is so profound, even if you're a public speaker, that it has to be told. The earliest days of any channeller in their career being one, would start out by writing a book and getting it published. Later on, an alternative media hound would pick up their story and broadcast it to a wider audience whose been known to look for such information in the past.

    Now days, such mediums have been made more popular with the help of internet blogs, websites and social media. Whereby the count of natural views doesn't mean you need a media appearance, but that one helps to ensure that you keep people coming back for more information once you've been through a few rounds already.

    these types of people are known as trans channellers. They will regularly meditate to get new information on core ideas through an objective analysis in their mind, and write down what they have found once they have spent time looking through their third eye.

    It is here where things take a shift, because usually these people are invested in alternative media. So much so, that they start subscribing to conspiracy theories in an effort to remain popular with their audience. Remember, these aren't all actors, but real people who make a living off of the information they're given.

    What they do, in later years especially, is they'll mix in popular news theories with the information they're shown to given an unreal performance of a great show to anyone paying attention. By doing so, gain their own fan club and word of mouth will fill in the rest.

    Looking further into what separates the information being given, and the similarities between what already has been told, we'll find the core issues we all agree on. Feeling from the heart is key because originally, that's how we all learn to communicate anything from spirit. There was a time when I used to channel, not anyone in particular. Just a connection with my higher self. What I said made sense to me then, but that was only because I was trying to focus in on transforming images into maps, eventually the big picture one could zoom in and out of just like honing in on a given object. Though instead it's an idea transmitted through thought, one I've only had a partial objective understanding of in that moment.

    When inventors channel their ideas, they look at the entire picture going outwards. From the very basic building blocks of how ideas and objects fit together, to understanding what the crudest form of them looks like. Their biggest motivation is money. They market these ideas so they can live off them. And that's been how things have ran here since day one. What always changes between inventive ideas, and higher self messages, is the angle of which information is relayed.

    What if we could live off of these ideas without having to give something back in return though? That's where the inspiration drops to hobbies at best, because the fact is, the way we present information today is very limited in communicating the entire picture through the mediums of thought and focus alone. This is where we need to start from, using the tools of feeling and experience to help us uncover our inner purpose and interest using unconditional focus, drawing the picture we see looking in.

    What do you think we're facing, and why are we not being told everything? And if we are, what is preventing us from having more energy, will power and sway to change what has been left imbalanced and ignored?

    I hope I am wrong about the Orion war theory. I know things don't end here and now. But I know I didn't feel nearly as pulled in different directions a few years ago like I do today.

    Where there's thought in motion, there's life emotions. How long will they last before they blossom or wither? Together we are all playing a part of the greater whole.

    Blessings, love and light.