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Love Is The Answer

  • Love Is The Answer

    To some, love is their religion. To others, love is precious. To me, love is the answer.

    For many years, I've often thought that love was something you said when your parents said it like clockwork every morning and every night during the exit and entrance to sleep.

    "I love you, I love you two." This was heard so frequently in my household, it took me many times saying it to believe it. And, like any influence, it has its roots set in emotion to provide comfort, safety and protection where it matters most. From the heart.

    Now, there's nothing wrong with love. You can be in love, a child of love, falling for love and a whole host of other loving extremities which resides under the I am loved category. What amazes me most however, is that love is seen as the solution to any problems or challenges that come our way. The most notable of these, is when a barrier has been reached and people say, love finds a way through anything if we love each other when going through it.

    So, with this in mind, I set out to answer the age old question, what is love and where can we find it? My understanding of love to date is that love is a force of nature which acts like an element, and is given power like a weapon. Yet it is used like a potion, mostly to heal and sometimes to protect.

    When I say I love you, it means I become the recipient of an answer founded through this emotion. A rock of sorts, which lets relationships foster and grow depending on the care taker's attitude towards love in and of itself.

    The absence of love, fear, acts in place of love so as to instill uncertainty and a way to remote control a situation should one need to arise. And as this comes to light, the relationship between fear in love is that they're two sides of the same coin.

    Fear drives hatred, love drives joy and together they both drive motivation to which fuels a thirst for both power and knowledge in the embrace of feeling as if you belong to either emotion through the will of its caster. This may be yourself, and it also may be through someone else. However you see it, love becomes a resource to power again and again as fear does the same thing, both are likewise the solution.

    But when I say love is the answer, if you think about it, the answer is what happens through the people and objects you care for. A response to which, fear of that same thing drives the same question in which love can almost always be found the answer of through the determination to find, seek and discover the idea within.

    It is important to remember that where matters of the heart strike the closest to home in a spiritual sense, this is about how such issues help us progress psychologically as well. If I ask a simple math question, what's two plus four? I'll get six. Did love play a part in that answer, or did fear ask that question? While both love and fear worked each other's influence out to balance why the question had to be asked, the answer was neither one that could be related to any emotion other than to progress forward, something the psychological mind is great at when it means something as apart of something else. Which here in lies the solution love brings to fear. The heart of the matter rests with how knowledge helps you grow, for that becomes feeling which has its roots in love's domain once it is acted upon.

    If you've ever heard of the expression "quantum reactions are what you get when an action and a reaction cause more than one result to be possible" then you will begin to realize the importance of a role that love plays in our every day lives. As the ruling emotion which keeps life thriving as well as sustaining itself across the generations, I am always reminded that the statement I love you, can hold a deeper meaning than something you are told as a kid and which you later tell your significant other. Because where love is concerned, all that is well is ends well and all that begins strong shall remain so as long as what you feel remains constantly connected to the progress being made throughout such a journey into the universe around us made with love from source flame, our creator.